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Brandon Gale

Names: Bradon Gale
Player: Iziah Nixon
Created: 2010
System(s): Incarna 5 (updated)
Locations: Steel Realms (current)
Status: Alive
Concept: courtier, spy

Current Stats (Incarna 5)


Kinetic 4 (5 old - before the explosion)


VGR 6-1 (torture)
CHA 6 (+1 on any affected skill checks)
Looks: average
Size = 10
Health 5x20=50 -3=47 +6=53


Good Luck, Mana Pool, Agile Communicator, Immune to Vertigo, Toughened (from torture; +6), Wound (from torture; -3 Health), Urban Experience, Iron Will 1, Wonderment/Flashback 1 (lost 1 aptitude in explosion; gets 1 use of wonderment per session, per level - can go to max of level 5)


Gladnorian 4/4, [ancient] Umbakian Highspeech 3/1, Feyloise 1/1, Orrish 1/1, Dukat 1/1, Mercat 4/2; Persuade 2+1, cryptography 1, Lore: Dunstrand 5, Lore: Riverdans 3, Lore: Merchant Cities 1, Lore: Umbak 1, Sleight of Hand 2, Stealth 1, Camouflage 1, Entertainment 3+1 (makeup/disguise), Dancing 1, Lore: Occult 1, Lore: Sigilry 3, Ride 1 (horse), Streetwise 2
Combat: Melee 2, Evade 4, Soak 1 {All calculated as if kinetic aptitude was 5; before the explosions}


Familiarity: sword



A member of The Gallants. Made an official Gallant during the attack to free “rebels” that had helped the Gallants during their campaign on Dogwood Flats. Rode hard, charged right in and backed The Gallants when it was needed (earned equal stake in the GALLANTS TREASURE)


Was a "herald-in-training" at the outset. Now a broken herald; ousted and bitter. Has some great background skills – like language and literacy (never lets on he knows them though – encourages people to speak in other language around him and give a away secrets). Persuasive, and streetwise. But, he's got a couple close in fighting skills and an iron will (was tortured and NEVER gave up information).

He was the one who lead The Gallants of the time to the boat where the Gwinnish ambassadors were waiting and the Gallants killed them (thinking they had orchestrated the assassination of Dierdre). He was also there when the ship burned and ran aground. He clambered aboard and was rummaging through the ambassador''s possessions when he was engulfed in flames triggered some strange explosions and a backlash of mystical energies. The Gwinnish ambassadors Sigil (which incorporated a kraken) was burned upon the palm of his hand. When he came-to he was floating in the river, the burnt flesh of his arm and hand stuck to a splintered board. This floor board to the ambassadors room was emblazoned with the symbol of Elancil, in her role as Storm Queen. He knew it was a sign and swore he would venerate her - at least as he should venerate any god. He is not a follower per se, but gives her a small offering when he travels and before crossing major bodies of water. The sigil of Gwinn's ambassador he took as his own - not understanding the uniqueness quality... but he's dead and the connection to his role and goddess has drawn her amusement.

He was in Mev much later and was captured by Berithor's men. Once the makeup had been removed and the sigil revealed, he was given to Umbakian torturers. He would not break, despite months of persistent pain and agony. About 4 months before the end of the war he was sprung loose. When the war ended, he was still recovering in Monaides at the court of Thindelvey, studying occult ways and the vague magus craft of Sigilry (trying to understand what had happened to him).

Activity Record

Character Point Record:
4/19/2013; 3 shared CP to get entertain 3; @ 1 CP

Action Point Record: